Closed toe shoes are absolutely required - No Exceptions!


ZipGatlinburg's 27 obstacle Tree Trek is one of a kind. Challenge yourself through bridges, ladders, trapezes, logs and sky bridges high in the trees next to the National Park. Go at your own pace through this tree canopy maze. You will be one with nature and have the time of your life with this self guided tour. Your guide will be on the ground assisting and encouraging you as you go through each obstacle, and will be available for help at any time. ZipGatlinburg's Tree Trek uses state of the art equipment so no one can be unclipped from an obstacle at any time.

Combine your tree trek course adventure with the 9 Zipline tour for even more savings.

Capture it all on film with a GoPro helmet cam for just $10 each when  when you buy 4 or more to record this experience of a lifetime! 


  • Participants must be at least 52 inches tall. 

  • Weight Limits:  Maximums - Below 5ft 8in  225lbs Max
  •                                                   Above 5ft 8in  275lbs Max
  •                            Minimums -  5 years old and 45lbs  Min
  • Do not bring:  backpacks, purses, cameras, or anything else than can't fit in your pockets, chewing gum/hard candy
  • Long hair must be in a ponytail                                           
  • If you have any chronic or recent injuries or have had recent surgery, be sure to tell you guide so they can properly accommodate you.
  • We cannot permit the following people to participate: 
    • Pregnant women
    • Those under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or anything else that may impair judgment
    • Those with serious physical or mental disorders that would prevent them from being able understand and follow the instructions necessary to complete the course
    • Children under the age of 15 must have a parent or guardian participating in the activity.

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What to Wear/Bring

Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. We zip in most weather conditions, so make sure you have jackets, raincoats, gloves, etc.  You will need to stay warm, dry and comfortable for up to an hour to an hour and a half. Tour duration vary depending on tour size, guide experience, customers comfort ability.



Trained guides will harness you and your family in state and industry certified equipment and gear, full body harnesses and helmets, transport you up the mountain a few blocks to the zipline and tree trek course.